Rights & Responsibilities

Before participating in a marketing study in the Behavioral Lab participants are required to sign an Informed Consent form that outlines your rights and responsibilities as a participant and answers several of the questions that you may have. 

General Information - What is the purpose of these studies?

These are research studies being conducted by faculty and Ph.D. students at the University ofMaryland.  Research studies are designed to obtain new knowledge. This new information may help people in the future.  It is important that you understand this information so that you can make an informed choice about participating in research studies.

What will I be asked to do?

You will receive 1 hour’s worth of course credit for completing this study. In any particular session, studies may be related to each other, or they may be unrelated. They are grouped into a “session” since some studies may require only a few minutes. In general, these are studies that deal with issues of importance to researchers in the Robert H. Smith Business School, such as marketing, consumer preferences for different kinds of information, impression formation, decision-making, and so forth. Some may ask you to respond to hypothetical scenarios, make decisions among actual products, interact with other participants, or simply provide your preferences among alternatives.  Before you sign an informed consent form, the researcher(s) running this study will give you more information about the types of tasks you will be asked to complete and how long the study will take.  You will be provided with a separate listing of the individual studies that are involved in this particular session, contact information for the researchers in case you have specific questions about one or more of the studies, and additional information to help you understand the research more thoroughly, once you have participated.

What are the benefits of this research?

Research is designed to benefit society by gaining new knowledge.  Though you may not receive any direct benefit from participating in a study, you will learn more about the kinds of research conducted by faculty and graduate students in the Robert H. Smith Business School, and about the various topics in this particular session.

What about confidentiality?

All information collected in the study is confidential to the extent permitted by law. Please note that the data you provide will be grouped with data others provide for reporting and presentation, and that your name will not be used in any presentation of these results.  

Do I have to be in this research?  May I stop participating at any time?

Participation is completely voluntary. You are free to ask questions and refrain from answering any question that makes you uncomfortable.  You can also withdraw from any study at any time and without penalty.

Age of Subject

By signing an informed consent form, you state that you are over 18 years of age and wish to participate in a program of research being conducted at the R. H. Smith School of Business, Universityof Maryland, College Park, MD.

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