Cutting Edge Technology

Currently the portfolio of products available on all 50 PCs in the Financial Markets Labs (17 in the 1318 VMH Lab and 33 in the VMH 3505 Lab), on PCs at Shady Grove, DC, and Baltimore campuses and using the vSmith portal or WRDS includes the following:

Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) Products:

  • Refinitiv Eikon (3505 VMH Financial Markets Lab only)
  • Refinitiv Eikon – Microsoft Excel (3505 VMH Financial Markets Lab only)
  • Refinitiv SDC Platinum Databases (only accessible using the vSmith portal):
    • Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Global New Issues
    • VentureXpert
    • Joint Ventures / Alliances
    • Global Public Finance / Municipals
    • Corporate Restructurings / Bankruptcies
    • Corporate Governance / Poison Pills & Proxy Fights
  • Refinitiv Databases accessible only using the WRDS website:
    • Institutional Brokers' Estimate System (I/B/E/S)
    • Global Funds Holdings
    • Mutual Funds Holdings
    • 13f Institutional Holdings
    • Insider Filings and Holdings
    • DealScan
    • Worldscope

Bloomberg Products:

  • Bloomberg Professional Terminals (not available on the vSmith portal)
  • Microsoft Office with the Bloomberg Add-in (not available on the vSmith portal)
  • Bloomberg BNA

Morningstar Products:

  • Morningstar Direct - Local
  • Morningstar Direct – Cloud
  • Microsoft Excel with the Morningstar Direct Add-in

Mergent Products:

  • Mergent Online
  • Mergent Archives
  • Hoovers
  • Mergent Intellect
  • Mergent Key Business Ratios
  • Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) (only accessible using WRDS website)

S&P Global Market Intelligence Products:

  • Capital IQ (1318 VMH Financial Markets Lab only)
  • Microsoft Office with the Capital IQ Add-in (1318 VMH Financial Markets Lab only)
  • Compustat Database (only accessible using WRDS website)


Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
(This list contains just some of the principal data products available via WRDS)

  • Audit Analytics Database
  • Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) Databases:
    • US Equity Daily and Monthly Database 1925 – present
    • US Equity, Treasury Indices, and Portfolio Assignments
    • Monthly US Government Bills, Notes, and Bonds
    • Survivor Bias Free US Mutual Fund
    • CRSP / Compustat Merged
  • Dow Jones Averages and Total Return Indices Databases
  • Eventus 
  • Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) Databases:
    • Historical Directors
    • Historical Governance - Takeover Defense
    • Incentive Lab - US and Europe
    • Voting Analytics – Mutual Fund Vote Records
  • MFLINKS Database
  • NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ NMS Trade & Quote (TAQ) Database
  • OptionMetrics Database
  • WRDS SEC Analytics Suite



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