Global Equity Fund

Maryland Smith’s Global Equity Fund is managed by 20 students in the school’s part-time MBA and master of finance programs. The global fund was established in 2009 and holds investments primarily in companies outside the United States.

The limited-enrollment fund gives students the chance to research companies and manage and invest money from the school’s endowment fund. The fund managers’ goal is to outperform the MSCI All Country ex US Index, though it’s equally important that each member learns the processes by which investment decisions are made in a professional asset-management setting.

In a course that meets once per week for an entire year at the Smith School’s Washington, D.C. campus in the Ronald Reagan building, students gain unparalleled financial knowledge and skills, including asset management exposure, quantitative portfolio management experience, and financial modeling skills. They develop skills using and applying tools from Smith’s extensive suite of financial databases and information systems.

Participating students are assigned roles in operating the fund, either as portfolio managers or equity analysts specializing in a specific geographic area or industry such as technology or telecommunications. Participants are chosen through an application process and selected on several criteria including analytical abilities and communication and leadership skills.

Member Selection

The Global Equity Fund will be selecting students in the Smith School’s part-time MBA and master of finance programs with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students are expected to make a year-long commitment if selected to be a member of the GEF. Selection is based on analytical ability, knowledge of the capital market, and a passion for finance.

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Please note, the application, along with all supporting documents, are to be submitted to no later than Sunday, February 21, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

Educational and Career Benefits

As a member of the GEF, students will have the opportunity to research the full spectrum of companies around the world, analyze industries and economies, and will be responsible for managing the allocation and risks of a real portfolio. The GEF provides students an exposure to a real-life asset management environment and an opportunity to enhance financial modeling skills, which are attractive experiences to potential employers. It allows students to be a part of a group that discusses current events on a weekly basis.

Analyst responsibilities

The analysts will evaluate and monitor sectors, track industry trends and current events, screen industry for potential buying opportunities, develop DCF and relative value models to value companies, make buy-hold-sell recommendations, and pitch investment ideas.

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