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The OCS technology team works hard to provide you a wide array of resources to support your career development, from research/exploration through skills development to job application and employment reporting. Virtual platforms are especially important so that students with busy schedules can access resources when they need them, regardless of the hour! Here is the technology team:

Sandra Staub
Director of Career Services Technology and Data Analytics
Suite 2520 301-405-1781
Jeff Stoltzfus
Associate Director of Career Services Technology and Data Integration
Suite 2520T 301-405-7668

Feel free to contact our team with any technology questions or issues at

Best-in-Class Career Development Resources

Below is a list of the technology tools available to you as a Smith student.  Many of the career resources listed in this section are paid for by Smith or by UMD, and are free for you as a student, so it is important to use the links we provide to access the Smith/UMD version.

HireSmith (Powered by 12Twenty)

HireSmith is the OCS system of record for recruiting activity. It anchors the technology suite and is a full-service resource for employers, students and alumni. 

  • Smith students and alumni conduct job searches
  • Students sign up for on-campus recruiting events
  • Students sign up for coaching appointments
  • Employers manage on-campus recruiting events
  • Employers post jobs and search for ideal candidates

HireSmith is also the OCS system of record for employment outcomes data. The below-listed modules of HireSmith (powered by 12Twenty) are designed by MBAs for MBAs for secure sharing, so that anonymized year-over-year data depicting offer timing, salaries, signing bonuses, industries, functions and locations can be viewed transparently by students.  These web-based salary research tools will make salary negotiation more productive and efficient. 

  • Within the “SalaryView” module, you will conduct research on our employment outcomes of our alumni. 
  • Within the “OfferView” module, you will enter your employment data for submission to the MBA CSEA (MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance) – which is important for FTMBA school rankings and the research of your classmates.
  • Finally, the “InterView” module provides data about interviews current and past students have experienced. After your interview, you can post specific details about your interview experience, to include questions, formats and insights. Similar to sample interview questions found at internet sites like Glassdoor, such strategic “insider information” can then be used by Smith peers to get an inside look at companies and see actual interview questions as they prepare for interviews.

Links to the resources below – and many others – are also available via your HireSmith resource library, so the only link you need to remember is!


  • Careers4TerpsEmployers specifically seeking UMD students post full-time, part-time, and internship positions on Careers4Terps (C4T).  Search by industry, type of job, geographic location, major, and other criteria.  Use the system’s search agent to receive notifications of new postings matching your interests. 
  • Case Vault – Do you need some help navigating case interviews? If so, take some time to practice cases via this free resource by Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point.  You can access the password through your resources in HireSmith. 
  • Dreambridge Videos – Short videos offering practical advice coupled with systematic learning opportunities for international students that address acculturation success and job search strategy. Note: For students accessing Dreambridge from China, please use the UMD VPN to view the site's videos on Vimeo. Short videos focused on how networking in the US is done. You can access the password through your resources in HireSmith. 
  • Foreign Labor Certification Data CenterThe Online Wage Library for prevailing wage determinations (used for visa applications by employers).  Find typical/average salaries by occupation and geographic area. 
  • GoinGlobalAn online resource that includes a database of H1-B employers. This tool is accessible through the Careers4Terps website (, to which all Smith students have access. For direct access to GoinGlobal, use this link
  • HooversThe industry-leading business directory which provides comprehensive company and industry profiles, in-depth financials, company overviews and histories, information on competitors, products, services and operations. (Must be accessed through UMD’s Virtual Business Information Center (VBIC); Additional business databases are also accessible through the VBIC link.


    To access, go to, click on "Company Information", then “Hoovers”.  You will be asked to log in; use your assigned username and password, the same as Testudo and Canvas.
  • MBA ExchangeAs a Smith MBA student, you have premium access to this website which connects MBAs and employers across the world, and allows you to search thousands of filtered MBA level jobs. This site also features a comprehensive directory of MBA Leadership Development Programs worldwide. 
  • Terrapins ConnectA new professional networking and mentorship platform, and we invite you to join. This platform will connect you with University of Maryland alumni who have been in your shoes and are eager to share their educational and professional experiences. 
  • Learn Educate Discover (LED) A set of free podcasts featuring discussions with MBAs about their jobs,  to help you explore functions and industries as you discover your MBA career path.
  •  UniWorld – A directory of multinational employers, searchable by industry and business location. Ideal for international students or students seeking international experience. (See the User Guide at for instructions.)
  • Vault – Best known for its rankings, ratings, and reviews on thousands of top employers, Vault also provides information on nearly 5,000 companies in more than 120 industries as well as more than 840 professions. Included are career advice blogs and discussions, a job search engine and anonymous interviews with current and past employees. Of particular note are Vault’s downloadable guidebooks in industries such as consulting, investment banking, IT, etc.
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