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International MBA Association

Our mission is two-fold - to promote cross-cultural collaboration by leveraging the diversity of the Smith Community, and to improve students' cultural awareness through social and professional activities.

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Board Members

Shilpa Gupta


First-year MBA student at University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business with a focus on marketing and product management. I am eager for an opportunity to bring my unique blend of development and leadership skills to continue to develop innovative solutions. I have organized several events during my professional experience before joining MBA. I was a part of Corporate Social Responsibility in my organization and organized few events for them as well.

Fun Fact

Probably said a lots of time before, but would iterate once more. I am fond of traveling and have traveled to 17 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East Asia till now before coming to the USA. Additionally, I like adventure sports and have done scuba diving, parasailing and have sky diving on the to-do list.

Divya Seshadri

Executive Vice President

"As the VP of Signature Events, I am excited to create fun and everlasting memories for our Smith MBA community through several events all year round. While we march through this laborious two-year degree, my goal is to bring about moments we cherish for a lifetime. Focusing on academics is only one piece of the jigsaw in our MBA journey. I want to provide a well-rounded experience that goes beyond the curriculum. What attracted me to Smith, in particular, is that it coincides with my aspirations. One of the very few MBA programs with the largest alumni network, supportive faculties, and diverse student body.

As a single child, I always longed to bond with people. The place I grew up, the schools I went to, and the office I worked in gave me this opportunity to express the gregarious side of my personality. My early professional experience has been product development and delivery through people and time management.  I have always loved working with people from an array of different backgrounds. I truly believe in having a work-life balance in my routine. Keeping fit with dance, exercise, and playing badminton has been my stabilizer.

I am thrilled to be hosting the Annual Monte Carlo night that brings together members from all of Smith's MBA programs to an evening of grand celebration. Another exciting event is the Smith's Talent Show, a platform for artists to showcase their unique skills and talents with friends and colleagues. Through various Signature Events, I would like to bring special moments that seek to build strong networks. After all, the relationships we form here are the building blocks for both professional and personal development. As I continue my journey, I hope to cement the ties I have made here to contribute meaningfully towards building a better student fraternity."

Fun Fact

I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer (Indian classical dance) and an avid gardener who grows her vegetables.

Ramana Sriwidya

Vice President of Finance

Rising 2nd year MBA candidate at Smith School of Business focusing on marketing and strategy.

Fun Fact

I have an identical twin brother who's also doing his MBA!

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