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Smith Vets Club

Smith Vets is established for the expressed purpose of facilitating contact between current MBA students and potential employers, maintaining an outreach program for prospective veteran applicants, and perpetuating a network of veteran students able to assist each other throughout the MBA program. We are committed to coordinating value-added events that build close camaraderie amongst our distinguished members and the Smith MBA cohort.

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Board Members

Octavia Davis


U.S. Marine Corps veteran and certified personal trainer currently pursuing an MBA from University of Maryland with a goal of brand management and marketing in consumer goods. Empathetic leadership and management, quality communication, and consumer awareness. 

Fun Fact

Marvel fanatic.

Jeremy Adkins

Executive Vice President of Finance

I'm originally from Kansas City. I served in the Army for 5 years, and after my enlistment, taught high school world history, economics, and psychology.

Fun Fact

I've been in 4 states at exactly the same time.

Zach Black

Executive Vice President of Operations

Hello, my name is Zachery Black, most people refer to me as Zach. I currently reside in Annapolis, MD with my partner Sarah and our two German Shepard Dogs-Theo (7 yrs.old) and Abi (6 months old). I am currently working to career transition from the military to the Finance industry. I have had a desire to work in a finance capacity since high school. Where my economics teacher, as part of the curriculum, made us learn the importance of finances and watch Dave Ramsey talk about financial peace/freedom. After igniting a fire in me about finances and I continued to learn, read, and educate myself anyway possible about finance while I spent the next eight years in the U.S. Navy traveling around the world. As my time in the Navy was nearing a natural completion point, I decided to pursue that high school spark that never went out. Thus, here I am today in closing in on the final part of my first year as an MBA student focusing in Finance and excited to continue learning more! I'm excited to continue learning more about finance and engage with fellow students.

Fun Fact

I once went scuba diving/snorkeling  in the Gulf of Oman.

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