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MBA Association

The MBA Association (MBAA) serves the full-time student body of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. The MBAA is the primary interface between the student body and the administration in order to enhance the Smith MBA experience. The MBA Association coordinates 14 student-run groups.

As the MBAA, we pledge to facilitate the continued growth of the Smith community by creating an environment of open communication and opportunities for both personal and professional growth. The MBAA is responsible for the oversight of MBA student clubs, management of finances, and implementation of new and existing policies or initiatives. In addition, the MBAA plans special social events throughout the school year to foster collaboration among Smith students, faculty, administration, and alumni.

MBAA Constitution

The constitution for the MBA Association outlines the operating policies and procedures for the full-time MBA student population. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the officers as well as the governing principles for the clubs.


We, the members of the MBA Association, in order to improve the full-time Robert H. Smith MBA community, enhance the overall experience for its students and maximize the value of the Robert H. Smith brand, establish this Constitution of the MBA Association.


Board Members

Morgan Daly


As President of the MBA Association, I will foster a strong connection between the Full Time MBA program, Smith administration, and the larger University community through advocating for student needs and developing impactful programming. I support Smith’s strategic vision for the development of the Full-Time MBA program and serve as an advocate for the initiatives that Full-Time students value, whether they be academic, career, or professional development-focused. My work is done in partnership with student clubs, the MBAA Board and in coordination with the Dean’s Office, Masters Programs Office, Office of Career Services, and the Office of Development & Alumni Relations.

Smith’s community allows students to leverage one another’s networks in order to enrich the student experience during the program and to drive the next phase in our careers forward. Over the next year, I will prioritize strengthening our commitment to growing our diverse and inclusive community and work to ensure that our community builds life long relationships that will continue the strong Terp Alumni network. I will similarly work to build stronger connections between the Full-Time community and Smith’s internal and external stakeholders, such as the Part-Time, Online, and Executive MBA programs so that we can continue building upon the relationships that can add value to our school and the broader community.

The decision to attend Smith was one I made perhaps subconsciously years prior when I was earning my Masters of Music at UMD School of Music and often found myself interacting with MBAs on campus. Somehow I knew one day I would be walking the halls of Van Munching Hall with them. I felt the strength of the MBA community from across campus years ago, and by the end of my first semester in the MBA program, I could attest to the strength of this program’s network-- even in a virtual environment. Each day, I am surrounded by a group of intellectually curious, ambitious people, that continue to inspire me in ways I was not expecting from a business school environment. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve as President for the 2021-2022 academic year. Our MBAA Board is dedicated to building a collaborative and inclusive community that represents our student body - and the Smith brand - authentically.

Outside of my role as President, I am a career transitioner, pursuing a role in either product management or consulting. Prior to joining Smith, I was a professional classical musician, having performed with orchestras across the US and Europe, and I continue to serve as a Faculty member at Towson University in the Music Department. In 2020, I launched a business called ContraCover which is a product I designed to help the traveling musician stay dry in inclement weather. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music from The Juilliard School as well as Masters in Music from UMD. I plan to build a career for myself that allows me to continue to perform and teach, as well as work in product management.

Fun Fact

I performed in the most recent world tour with the band “The Who.”

Jordan Heitzner

Executive Vice President

A California native, Jordan has worked in the hospitality industry for over eight years and has extensive global brand management and integrated marketing experience at some of the largest hotel companies in the industry. Her hospitality career began as an undergraduate intern for Marriott where she led the company’s Twitter strategy. Since graduating from UCLA in 2012, Jordan has made a substantial impact leading and executing strategic initiatives in support of the consumer experience at Choice Hotels, Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International. She has also held leadership roles within the American Hotel & Lodging Association, focused on educating & engaging young hotel professionals.

A consummate team player, collaborator and influencer, Jordan is passionate about leading others, solving problems, and connecting people together. She is currently pursuing her MBA at the University of Maryland to become a more dynamic, innovative and well-respected business leader, and will be interning as a Summer Associate in the Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporate Development Program this summer. 
Growing up playing competitive junior tennis, Jordan was a member of both the UCLA Varsity Tennis Team and UCLA Club Tennis national team.

Fun Fact

I went to 5 different high schools! 

Pooja Deb

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Hi! My name is Pooja, and I am your VP of Marketing and Communications. I am responsible for leading the marketing and communication strategy of the MBA Full-Time cohort. My goal in this role is to build up a community and ensure that everyone feels included, and act as a facilitator for meaningful connections at Smith. I want to get you the information you need in a timely and concise fashion so you can make the most of your time in the program! 

I decided to join Smith because of the community. As soon as I attended my first event, I knew this was where I could be a part of a community that genuinely supports each other. That's something that still holds one year later.

Fun Fact

I went snorkeling in Iceland, where I touched both the North and Europe tectonic plates!

Divya Seshadri

Vice President of Signature Events

As the VP of Signature Events, I am excited to create fun and everlasting memories for our Smith MBA community through several events all year round. While we march through this laborious two-year degree, my goal is to bring about moments we cherish for a lifetime. Focusing on academics is only one piece of the jigsaw in our MBA journey. I want to provide a well-rounded experience that goes beyond the curriculum. What attracted me to Smith, in particular, is that it coincides with my aspirations. One of the very few MBA programs with the largest alumni network, supportive faculties, and diverse student body.

As a single child, I always longed to bond with people. The place I grew up, the schools I went to, and the office I worked in gave me this opportunity to express the gregarious side of my personality. My early professional experience has been product development and delivery through people and time management.  I have always loved working with people from an array of different backgrounds. I truly believe in having a work-life balance in my routine. Keeping fit with dance, exercise, and playing badminton has been my stabilizer.

I am thrilled to be hosting the Annual Monte Carlo night that brings together members from all of Smith's MBA programs to an evening of grand celebration. Another exciting event is the Smith's Talent Show, a platform for artists to showcase their unique skills and talents with friends and colleagues. Through various Signature Events, I would like to bring special moments that seek to build strong networks. After all, the relationships we form here are the building blocks for both professional and personal development. As I continue my journey, I hope to cement the ties I have made here to contribute meaningfully towards building a better student fraternity.

Fun Fact

I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer (Indian classical dance) and an avid gardener who grows her vegetables.

Frances Ampah

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, my goal is to continue the work to make space for each member of our Smith community to feel seen, heard and supported by working in collaboration with student-run organizations and the Diversity Empowerment Council (DEC). By providing updates on DEI news and events, facilitating dialogues, workshops and reflection sessions, my vision is that we continue to celebrate and learn from each other while embracing Smith's multitude of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. 

Before coming to Maryland Smith, I worked as a film producer and content creator in Los Angeles within the nonprofit and entertainment industries.

Fun Fact

I enjoy going on walks and taking photos of flowers and trees along the way.

Ram Viswanathan

Vice President of Community Development and Social Value

Growing up, creating social value in my community has always been important for me. My goal as the VP of CD & SV is to understand strategic ways in channelling and expanding my experiences to unify the Smith community together in an impactful manner. 

Fun Fact

I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Daniel Yu

Vice President of International Student Affairs

Worked for 7 years in IT within banking sector before coming to Smith, looking to transition to a marketing strategist role post-graduation.

Fun Fact

I love spicy food challenges, and looking forward to one day trying the ghost pepper.

Pravin Gunasekaran

Vice President of Finance

As VP of Finance , my primary objective is to allocate more funds to Club events that foster Smith Values and promote Inclusivity and Diversity. The goal is to make the funding process smoother so that clubs can conduct their events without any hurdles. Increase transparency in the funding process so that the cohort is aware of the allocation of funds for different events.

Fun Fact

All my life I have been preparing for Ice cream eating contest, hopefully win one here at Smith when we have more events coming year!!!

Daylin Russo

Vice President of Student Affairs

Hello all! My name is Daylin Russo, and I am thrilled to be the VP of Student Affairs for the MBAA. In this role, I am responsible for working closely with the Master's Program Office to develop the orientation plan for incoming MBA students and academic initiatives that will foster a sense of community within the program. As a main person of contact for students, it is important to me that everyone feels respected, heard, and understood. As we transition back to in-person events and classes, I am anticipating some challenges and frustrations, but I am ready to act as an intermediary and champion for all of our voices so that you can focus on your own personal and professional development.

One of my main reasons for choosing Smith was the strong sense of community, and I am passionate about driving engagement and continuing to advocate for long lasting relationships stemming from our time in this program.

Thank you for the platform to be able to achieve this. I look forward to connecting with every one of you personally.

Fun Fact

I played Danny in Grease and led our State Championship winning football team in tackles during same year of high school!

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