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  • Explore career directions
  • Build transferable skills and enhance your professional resume
  • Learn to publicly advocate and defend work
  • Get a leg up on graduate or professional school
  • Contribute knowledge and impact the world

The Smith undergraduate program offers three platforms for undergraduates to have an opportunity to participate in research.

Chen Kicks Off Undergraduate Research Series

Maryland Smith students are encouraged to be fearless in expanding their knowledge and experience in business. For some students, this includes playing a role in the world of research.

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Agarwal Discusses ‘Aha’ Moments in Undergraduate Research Series

“The reason we do research is for all those moments of true inspiration,” Maryland Smith’s Rajshree Agarwal told a group of undergraduate students last Thursday. “My PhD students inspire me as they showcase how entrepreneurship and innovation helps create solutions to the world’s thorniest challenges and unmet needs.”

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Speaking to Students, Gao Outlines the Power of AI in Healthcare

When we think about AI, we don’t normally picture it evaluating telehealth calls or monitoring patients after surgery. But those are some of the ways that artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare, says Maryland Smith’s Gordon Gao.

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Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

Through this program, a small group of outstanding students partners with a handful of our top researchers.

Value Proposition

  • Students get exposed to the boundary of knowledge and learn how to incorporate the cutting-edge knowledge frontier to problem solving, which will be a competitive advantage in the knowledge-intensive industry.
  • Students develop and practice critical thinking skills by challenging conventional wisdom and identifying puzzles to solve.
  • Students gain experience with the knowledge creation journey, and get prepared for highly competitive graduate programs with research skills (both quantitative and qualitative) and credentials.
  • Students will connect with world-renowned Smith faculty, providing a unique research opportunity outside of the classroom.

Proposed Process

  • A "matching" platform where faculty (and PhD students) provide descriptions and students provide CVs and information on their interests and skills.
  • A "guidelines document" for both sides regarding what makes for the most successful assistantships so that neither students nor projects flame out.  
  • Having two undergrad students for each assistantship is recommended.
  • Provide a mix of paid and unpaid opportunities.


Scholars must have the following qualifications:

  • Enthusiasm for research and intellectual curiosity.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Basic knowledge of statistics.
  • Strong programming skills may be required for some projects.
  • Familiarity with statistical and computational software packages (such as Matlab, R, STATA), scripting languages such as Python, and/or general programming languages.
  • Behavioral projects may require knowledge of SPSS and experience in performing psychological experiments and coding tasks.

Interested in learning more?

Victor C. Mullins
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Chief Diversity Officer

Snider Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

The Snider Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) presents undergraduate students in any field at the University of Maryland College Park with individualized research experience.

SURE fellows work with the program’s director to choose a research topic. Then they are uniquely matched with a faculty champion who has expertise in that subject area and acts as the fellow’s advisor. The SURE experience culminates in a public presentation to faculty and peers and a publication. During the program, fellows attend workshops in scoping, research writing and presentation. Fellows receive $250 for participating as well as course credit.

The program promises not only to expose students to hands-on research methodologies but also to offer underclassmen an opportunity to contribute to the collective knowledge pool. Little experience is needed; however, determination, time management, open-mindedness are qualities that distinguish an outstanding SURE fellow.

We at the Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets promote free enterprise and markets by researching what makes individuals, organizations and economies flourish. As an interdisciplinary center, we embrace a diversity of educational backgrounds and want you to know that a business major is not required to participate in SURE. Previous cohorts have welcomed fellows from computer science, business, public policy, behavioral and social sciences. As you consider potential research topics we invite you to explore the Ed Snider Center and Snider Focus websites for themes that resonate with you and also align with our vision and objectives. Please note that SURE cannot offer any lab space for research. If your topic involves lab research, you are responsible for securing a working area or the necessary resources before your interview.

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Seminar Series for Aspiring Undergraduate Business Researchers

Research is all about asking questions and finding answers. This fall, the Smith Undergraduate office will offer a series of workshops to get students thinking about exploring a research path! Dean Mullins will host a series of 1-hour “lunch and learns” for students to 1) participate in a real-time case study facilitated by Smith faculty; 2) learn more about the faculty’s current research; 3) inquire about initial steps students can take now to explore joint research possibilities with Smith faculty.

Past Seminars

Whether you're a new freshman preparing for your first semester or a senior preparing for your future of work, join Dean Mullins as he facilitates (4) 1-Hour Interactive Dialogues with (4) of Smith's finest. Have lunch (or dinner) while participating in an enriching conversation around research.  You will walk away with a better appreciation of the value of research and how you can build, advocate, defend, get a leg up, contribute and impact!

Research Lunch and Learn with Professor Gilad Chen
Associate Dean for Research & Robert H. Smith Chair in Organizational Behavior
PhD, George Mason University

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UMD Research Seminar Series with Professor Rajshree Agarwal
Associate Dean for Research & Robert H. Smith Chair in Organizational Behavior
PhD, George Mason University

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Research Dinner and Learn with Dean Mullins and
Professor Gordon Gao

Co-Director, Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS)
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

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