Will Robots Replace Accounting Jobs?

With advances in technology and the rise of artificial intelligence, there’s the looming question of what jobs will be replaced by robots. Rest assured, the accounting profession isn’t going away, says Maryland Smith’s Rebecca Hann. But her new research finds that jobs are changing as firms’ needs shift.

Maryland Smith Joins Big Ten B-Schools to Increase Pipeline of Diverse Faculty

Business schools from the Big Ten universities are teaming up to increase diversity in their PhD programs. Rebecca Hann, assistant dean of doctoral programs and accounting professor, is leading the charge at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. The effort aligns with a long-term goal for Smith faculty and for the university, one that has taken on new emphasis since President Darryll Pines took the helm in July 2020 and declared a commitment to creating an inclusive, diverse campus environment a top priority.

2019 Summer Reading List

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business proudly presents its 16th annual Summer Reading List for Business Leaders, as recommended by faculty and staff. The 2019 edition covers history, politics, leadership and even strategies for staying focused in a volatile, fast-paced world. Deep Work By Cal Newport

What GAAP Earnings Reveal About the Future Job Market

New research develops predictions that link aggregate GAAP earnings to aggregate job creation and destruction.

The Value of the CAPEX Forecast

New research looks at the capital expenditure, or CAPEX, forecast to see how it influences company investment behavior.

Confused by Unclear Accounting Information

In the grand scheme of the economy, the accounting information that individual firms report can have big impacts.

How Can Investors Reduce Uncertainty?

Companies reveal information about risk and uncertainty at peer firms when they issue earnings announcements.

A Guide for Turbulent Times

A quarterly announcement from one firm can reduce risk and uncertainty across the industry, research from Rebecca Hann shows.

Cracking the Wall Street Earnings Puzzle

Markets often react in counterintuitive ways to monetary policy. Understanding why can help analysts anticipate Fed action.

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