How Sellers Can Better Understand Demand

For B2B sellers, knowing how much the buyer is willing to pay is difficult. New research from Maryland Smith is helping to figure it out.

When Disaster Strikes, Stockpiling Surges

New research offers keys for how retailers and suppliers can prepare and plan for runs on essential stock to reduce shortages during a crisis.

The Cost Of Keeping Up With Consumers

Consumers don’t like when products they want are unavailable, and neither do retailers. Independent sellers need to fulfill orders on time and manage inventory effectively.

Making Information Technology Sustainable

Companies should push to implement green IT initiatives that promote environmental sustainability — not just for the good of the planet, but also for the financial reward.

Art of the Supply Chain Deal

A bargaining model developed at Maryland Smith helps buyers and sellers find balance in complex negotiations.

A Dynamic Pricing Model for Non-Clairvoyants

Setting prices for trendy items requires guesswork — unless you’re clairvoyant. For everyone else, professor Zhi-Long Chen has a dynamic model.

What's Old Is New Again

Selling new generation models only to be left with returned merchandise from older generations can be problematic. New research explores a possible solution.

A Prescription for Health Information Exchanges

How to make health information exchanges effective? The key is financial viability.

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