Behind The Dynamics of What We Buy

New research pair the data collected at checkout at major retailers with the “why” behind consumer purchases.

What You See Is What You Click

How people look at search engine results might not happen the way advertisers think it does, according to new research.

Why Buzzworthy Companies Should Up Their Ad Budgets

Word-of-mouth is seen as free advertising, but new research says it can be a sign to spend more on ads.

How Campaigns Can Get Voters to the Polls

New research breaks down the most effective ways for campaigns to spend their marketing budgets to sway voters and get them to the polls to vote, this year likely to show up as polarized social media messaging.

How to Have a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Maryland Smith researchers have figured out the three phases of crowdfunding and the critical factors during each to drive effective campaigns and yield the best results.

Bargaining Power on Daily Deal Sites: It's About Scale

Online daily deal platforms can see a direct correlation between the amount of bargaining power and platform size with merchants, new research shows.

When Regret is a Good Thing

Regret is usually thought of as a bad thing, but new research identifies conditions when it can benefit companies as well as consumers.

Why Wireless Firms Love Family Plans

Allowing smartphone customers to bundle themselves boosts profitability for service providers, Maryland Smith research shows.

Identifying High Influencers in Social Networks

Those with high levels of influence on social media networks are prime targets of marketing practitioners and researchers. But what, exactly, defines a strong influencer?

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